The CARVED WILD BUNCH RIG is simply stunning-  the vision of artist
Walt Marston comes alive in this incredible custom rig.
As you can tell Mr. Marston can do pretty much anything you want, and he is happy to
accommodate whatever you’d like.  As a custom shop we like to show you what others have
ordered in the past – since everyone is different- it will add to your ideas for your rig.
This baby is outfitted with a Leatherman tool case, cell phone case, fancy buckle and tab appointments, and double mag pouch with retention straps…
As with all of our orders, we prefer to speak to you by phone if its at all possible- Mr. Marston can get a feel for what you want and your ideas are welcomed – this is your rig
it should be exactly what you want!

Use a tape to measure OVER YOUR PANTS AND BELT to exactly where you will want your rig to ride. If you still have a question, go to FAQ’s on our home page to see a picture.