Here's what our customers are saying about us.

Walt, Grips arrived yesterday-they are BEAUTIFUL!! I am very pleased with them. I'll be giving some thought as to what I want on the Rosewood grips - I'd like something unique for them as well... Many thanks!
Bernie 'Orleans Outlaw'
Just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my new elk stag grips! The inlay is exactly what I was looking for. This is just what I needed to set of my engraved pair of .45’s... I enjoyed talking with you and will be looking forward to bringing them into my cowboy action shooting! YEE HA! Great feel in my hands. They were well worth the wait! Thanks for all your help. Take Care,
William Cody
Perrysburg, Ohio
I was stunned at how good the grips look. So much depth and color. Now...if I could just get my Vaquero back from Ruger... Thanks again and keep up the great work.
John "Santee" Scott
Southwest Legends Gunfighters / Arizona Ghostriders
Walt-I just wanted to THANK YOU for work you did for the guys at New River. The grips were all BEAUTIFUL. I appreciate you being able to get them done with such short notice! Ike was so happy to be able to give those to his dad for Christmas. Everyone TRULY appreciated their gifts and the grips looked great on the Colts. They were very pleased with the work you had done! Again, Thanks!
"For all-day carry and going through some of the more adventurous Live Fire Outdoor Tactical Simulator courses, my ultimate choice was the Walt Marston Fast Draw rig ... The Marston rig effortlessly distributed the weight of my New Vaquero without fatigue, and the front bullet loops aided in fast reloading."
Rick Hacker, Field Editor
Excerpt from 'The American Rifleman'
Walt, The new rig came today and she looks great. The workmanship is outstanding and the fit is perfect. I've started the process of breaking her in. I expect to be pulling like a champ in a couple of days. If anyone asks me about a rig, I'll be sending them to you. Thanks again for everything.