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Beautiful, Functional, Affordable. Hand made in the USA.

All of our Law Enforcement gun belts come with handcuff pouch, retainer straps, and double mag pouch, but we'll make any combination you want / 10% off for Law Enforcement & Military all the time.

If you have a big bore gun - and you're in the field your gunbelt needs to be comfortable all day long - hip or shoulder carry reinforced to make the load light. Let us know what you want, we can make it!

We hope you enjoy our selection of Western Gunbelts & Holsters, alot of time has gone into the designing of them. Additionally, we will customize any system you like!

Our Mare's Leg Holsters are simply the BEST. We have three designs and if you don't see what you like, let us know - we can build it!

One of our top picks for Custom Open Carry Rigs, and many more to choose from - FULLY customizable


Law Enforcement holsters and Hunting holsters have been developed out of each customer's need. Movies and TV series have inspired many ideas for our Western gun holsters and worldwide competitions prompted designs for the Fast draw & Wild Bunch holsters. Because we are a full custom leather shop we cannot show every item we make. Everything you see on this site has been made according to each client's specifications. This means you can select an item and have it modified to your specifications... this is YOUR custom rig, and you will have the opportunity to make any changes you'd like, such as appointments, color, tooling, design modifications, etc. Mr. Marston extends the invitation to talk to him personally - your communication is the essence of perfecting your project! Call 423 743 3580 .

CURRENTLY the waiting list is approximately 12 weeks, for a Marston custom rig - we thank you for your patience, we take no money down. We take your trust in us seriously and work diligently to achieve what you want in a custom gunbelt.

Featured Rigs: our newest designs!

This is our newest design: Shoulder Holster #2  in the Law Enforcement  section -click on the picture for more information!

This is a new design in the Hunting section, specifically for a Freedom Arms 454 Casull – 7.5″ / smooth finish – Click on the picture to see more Hunting rigs!

This is a DOUBLE front carry based on the Puller design in our Hunting Section. This is shown in a ‘two-tone’ color selection with Celtic crosses on each shoulder. Tooled and finished with fancy belt appointments!

This is our most recent addition! Found in the Law Enforcement page, this is our RAVEN CONCEAL CARRY – a hand-carved ‘raven’ theme, this is meticulous work – the customer also ordered a matching belt and cell phone case! Click on the picture to see this awesome rig!