Custom Open Carry Rigs

Our Custom Open Carry Rigs have been designed for speed and functionality by you the user – for competition or recreation – this collection gives lots of options, and what we show are representative of custom rigs others have ordered- but as a custom shop we are happy to make whatever YOU want!

Each Custom Open Carry rig includes the holster, the gunbelt, and mag pouch.  Check out our Accessories Page for extras and add-ons

All of our rigs are made one at a time, by Mr. Marston, hand cut, dyed, molded, edged, and sewn for perfection.
Our holsters are always lined (and metal reinforced if you want, (add 75.) Our Ranger style belts are a full 2 1/2″ .

Many of our customers want to get into competition shooting we will work with you the individual to create exactly what is the best for you.

*It is imperative that you measure correctly, we build based on your measurements!
* If you wish to carry this gun in your holster cocked and locked please let us know so we can adjust the thumb-break properly.

If Mr. Marston has not designed for your particular carry,
( just ask! ) design fee may apply.
Current wait time is 12 weeks.