Advantages of Leather Holsters

When it comes to material selection in a gun holster, there are four options to consider: Leather, synthetic, a hybrid of the two, and nylon.

Primarily, you holster your handgun to carry it, protect it and to keep it from pressing uncomfortably into your body. Though there are superb holsters across all categories, today we’ll take a look at the specific advantages of leather with some great insight from “The Comprehensive Guide to Concealed Carry Holsters” by Corey Graff, published by Gun Digest.

Leather, of course, is the traditional holster material, considered the gold standard by most gun owners. But why is it so popular?

No matter the animal source, leather is a unique material, and by virtue of its organic nature, performs at a level that synthetics can’t match. It forms itself around your handgun, over time becoming a truly custom carrier. In turn, that custom fit offers a supremely secure seat and retains the piece very well.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a leather jacket from your heyday or a trusty cowhide briefcase for a couple decades, you’re already familiar with leather’s longevity. Not only that, but the more it’s used, the better it looks. Let’s be honest: A well-worn leather holster says something about you that you’re mighty proud of, doesn’t it? The longer you wear it, the more it conforms to your shape, and the more comfortable it is with every year of wear.

A less-obvious advantage of leather is its stealth. It doesn’t make a sound. If you anticipate you’ll have to draw your handgun discreetly, there’s no substitute for leather.

For all it gives, leather deserves a little care in return. Avoid exposing it to prolonged sunlight, heat and humidity and, at the other extreme, dry air. In times of low humidity, make sure to treat your leather with an appropriate conditioner.

Here’s a tip from experience: If any part of your leather holster is in contact with your skin and you’re perspiring, try tucking something between you and the leather. Anything will do – your shirt, your waistband, even a handkerchief – because the salt in your sweat is like kryptonite to leather. That said, a well-tended leather holster will carry your piece in safety for decades, so take your time when you’re shopping for it.

Posted on August 22, 2016 by Top Brass Sports