WALK N DRAW ROUGH OUT:  Like our original Walk n Draw this beauty is done with a rough out hide.  With a Ranger style belt
and single holster buckle, just another customer’s idea – we wanted you to see!

This gunbelt and holster was designed as a competition in the 50’s and 60’s where a man would walk to the target and draw at a certain point (as he was walking).

Marston Gunleather has designed what we think is a perfect Walk and Draw holster, this holster does not move as you do, it stays put!  This rig is shown with a rough out hide  (you can of course have any color we offer) with a steel or rawhide liner if you like (add 75.) removes the need for a leg tie-down.

Use a tape measure OVER YOUR PANTS and pants belt to EXACTLY where you want your rig to ride-