A new addition this year, is this beautiful two-tone rig, with a Celtic cross inlaid into the holster, (add 100.)
This is a fancy take-off on THE PADEN, with a jock-strap style holster band, and decorative stamped accents on the holster.
We also did the hat band according to an idea the customer had, customer supplied the hat).
Snake O rings and snake belt buckle are extra
We put stand out pictures on the website for you to see other people’s ideas that we have designed and made.
You can have a two-tone rig, using any colors you want (no charge)~ this rig was a combination of black and medium brown.

Use a tape to measure OVER YOUR PANTS AND BELT to exactly where you will want your rig to ride. If you still have a question, go to FAQ’s on our home page to see a picture.

Want to make that a DOUBLE?
gotcha covered!