A new addition this year, is this beautiful two-tone rig, this is a fancy take-off on THE PADEN, with a ‘jock-strap’ style holster band, and decorative stamped accents on the holster.
This rig is a part of our specialty group that includes a  Sterling silver carved ‘Celtic cross’ inlaid by artist Walt Marston, making it a real stand-out for any serious Old West aficionado.

*We also did the hat band according to an idea the customer had, (customer supplied the hat).
Snake O rings and matching snake belt buckle are available (add 45.)
You can have a two-tone rig, using any colors you want (no charge)~ this rig was a combination of black and medium brown.
We are proud to offer these beautiful designs by artist Walt Marston, made in the U.S.A.

Use a tape measure OVER YOUR PANTS and pants belt to EXACTLY where you want your rig to ride-