Hunting Rigs

Wherever you roam, long excursions or short, through heavy brush or open land you want a top of the line hunting system.
Hip or Shoulder Carry these holsters are reinforced to hold their rigidity with the constant movement of tracking or hiking.
Beautifully hand boned, edge-dressed, premium leather, form fitted to your specific carry and crafted to ensure that no metal ever touches your gun.

“For all-day carry and going through some of the more adventurous Live Fire Outdoor Tactical Simulator courses, my ultimate choices were from Marston Gunleather the Marston rig effortlessly distributed the weight of my New Vaquero without fatigue, and the front bullet loops aided in fast reloading.
I wore my gun into town, forgetting I had it on (luckily, Arizona is an “open carry” state).
from an article by Rick Hacker, field editor for The American Rifleman.

**These rigs are all made in the U.S.A. by the artist/designer, Walt Marston.
As an artist, Mr. Marston is driven to perfection in quality and workmanship and we ask that you allow him the time it takes to accomplish these incredible custom gunbelts –
our current waiting list is approximately 12 weeks…