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Burt Lancaster as Marshal Jared Maddox


The film is about the quest of a lone peace officer, Marshal Jared Maddox (played by Burt Lancaster), to bring a gang of ranch-hands on a drunken spree to justice.

He plays a hard, cold, sullen law-and-order type, who sides with justice against mercy at every opportunity...

Territorial Marshal in black

Western Gun Holsters pg 1


I have designed this holster with a 2.5" drop-loop belt, and a holster with a 15% pitch for a faster draw. 

Perfectly molded to whatever gun you choose to put in it. 

Bullets in front of the holster (optional) and 24 loops centered on the back of the gunbelt. 

single rig 385.00 / double rig 525.00 / boarder tooling - please call for pricing

Steve McQueen as the relentless bounty hunter in Wanted Dead or Alive

Western Gun Holsters pg 1


Steve McQueen as Josh Randall shown carrying the famous Mare's Leg Holster in one of the most iconic television series ever, Wanted: Dead or Alive.

This rig is in every detail accurate to the rig worn by Josh Randall, the relentless bounty hunter. 

Many hours were spent researching and designing the prototype for this holster that carries a Winchester '92 (shown with a '92 Puma) but can be used with a Henry large bore or Henry 22 or Rossi Ranchhand- few modifications were made: 2 1/2" belt vs. a 3" belt. 

Mare's Leg Holster in English Tan

Western Gun Holsters pg 1


This holster is made with 2 layers of leather for strength and durability. A metal hook is built into holster for the saddle ring to drop onto it and a leather covered steel band to secure the forearm.

Shown in 'English Tan' but can also be made in Dark chestnut / dark brown /or black.  Price without tooling 365.00 / boarder tooling -  add 75.

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