Gun Grips


At Marston Gun Leather all exotic hardwood grips are stabilized. While this is a time-consuming process, it protects your grips from developing cracks from temperature changes. We use a moisture meter to verify that the moisture content of the wood is below 10%.
To speed up the drying process, a rough cut blank, slightly oversize, is placed on a drying rack in a kiln or oven for several hours at a low temperature…then it is shaped to exactly what is needed.

1911 style gun grips – all exotic hardwood~ 195.00
1911 style gun grips from Elk horn ~215.00
1911 style gun grips from Buffalo horn ~ 230.00

Single-action guns grips from exotic hardwood start at 240.00
Buffalo horn 295.00
Elk horn 295.00

Mr. Marston is well-known for his inlay work, there is literally nothing
he can not do…however at 73 he has arrived at a point where his hands don’t want to do that kind of work anymore

we will still offer:

the 3:10 to Yuma Cross (100.per side)
the Grim Reaper (125. per side)
the Celtic cross (100. per side)
the rattlesnake (100. per side)
the Eagle, Globe & Anchor (100. per side)
and the Paladin (185. per side)
*Please call to place these orders!

Mr. Marston will decide on an individual basis if he wants to do any brands,
logos, initials, or any other complex custom inlays –
we thank God for giving him the inspiration and ability to do his incredible
inlay work.

*As with all custom products, currently, the waiting list is now 20-24 wks.
We appreciate your patience and understanding – we KNOW it’s
tough to wait.



Elk horn grips
1911 Custom Grip
Notice OUR grip under the standard - ours are fuller and blend to the edge of the gun to give you a better grip
Elk horn grip
Now look at our grip...the difference is clear - you're welcome!
Elkhorn for single action
blistered Maple
Blistered Maple with endcap
Walnut burl w birds eyes
Buffalo horn
Bone grips
Ram's Horn - when available
Walnut grips