Gun Grips


At Marston Gun Leather all exotic hardwood grips are stabilized. While this is a time-consuming process, it protects your grips from developing cracks from temperature changes. We use a moisture meter to verify that the moisture content of the wood is below 10%.
To speed up the drying process, a rough cut blank, slightly oversize, is placed on a drying rack in a kiln or oven for several hours at a low temperature…then it is shaped to exactly what is needed.

1911 style gun grips – all exotic hardwood~ 195.00
1911 style gun grips from Elk horn ~215.00
1911 style gun grips from Buffalo horn ~ 230.00

Single-action guns grips from exotic hardwood start at 240.00
Buffalo horn 295.00
Elk horn 295.00

Mr. Marston is well-known for his inlay work, there is literally nothing
he can not do…however at 73 he has arrived at a point where his hands don’t want to do that kind of work anymore

we will still offer:
the 3:10 to Yuma Cross
the Grim Reaper
the Celtic cross
the Manko snake
and the Paladin

Mr. Marston will decide on an individual basis if he wants to do any brands,
logos, initials, or any other complex custom inlays –
we thank God for giving him the inspiration and ability to do his incredible
inlay work.

*As with all custom products, the waiting list is now 20-24 wks.
We appreciate your patience and understanding – we KNOW it’s
tough to wait.



Elk horn grips
1911 Custom Grip
Notice OUR grip under the standard - ours are fuller and blend to the edge of the gun to give you a better grip
Elk horn grip
Now look at our grip...the difference is clear - you're welcome!
Elkhorn for single action
blistered Maple
Blistered Maple with endcap
Walnut burl w birds eyes
Buffalo horn
Bone grips
Ram's Horn - when available
Walnut grips