Gun Grips


At Marston Gun Leather all exotic hardwood grips are stabilized. While this is a time-consuming process, it protects your grips from developing cracks from temperature changes. We use a moisture meter to verify that the moisture content of the wood is below 10%. To speed up the drying process, a rough cut blank, slightly oversize, is placed on a drying rack in a kiln or oven for several hours at a low temperature…

1911 style gun grips – all exotic hardwood~ 145.00
1911 style gun grips from Elk horn ~245.00
1911 style gun grips from Buffalo horn ~ 195.00


Single-action guns grips from exotic hardwood start at 195.00
Buffalo horn 245.00
Elk horn 245.00
Giraffe bone (when available) 325.00



Elk horn grips