Gun Grips and Inlays


At Marston Gun Leather all exotic hardwood grips are stabilized. While this is a time-consuming process, it protects your grips from developing cracks from temperature changes. We use a moisture meter to verify that the moisture content of the wood is below 10%. To speed up the drying process, a rough cut blank, slightly oversize, is placed on a drying rack in a kiln or oven for several hours at a low temperature…

1911 style gun grips – all exotic hardwood~ 145.00
1911 style gun grips from Elk horn ~245.00
1911 style gun grips from Buffalo horn ~ 195.00

partial checkering (hand done) ~ add 75.00
full checkering (hand done) ~ add 200.00

Single-action guns grips from exotic hardwood start at 195.00
Buffalo horn 245.00
Elk horn 245.00
Giraffe bone (when available) 325.00

partial checkering (hand done) ~ add 75.00
full checkering (hand done) ~ add 200.00


Our inlays can be inlaid to any 1911 or single action grip, and generally speaking they are made from Sterling silver (add 50.00 to inlay price), bronze, or brass.  Additionally we use Mother of Pearl,  and Abalone and bone.
These are pictures of just some of the inlay work we have done for customers

~ they are free-hand carved one inlay at a time!

Each inlay is priced according to it’s intricacies –

Hand Checkering on grips is available, depending on the design and area to be done, call for pricing.

*For personal brands, logos, or initials send your sketch or photo, and call for specific pricing.
*The inlay prices do not include the grips.   You can purchase custom fit grips and then add your custom inlay.

Elk horn grips