Gun grips and Inlay work

inlays FOR GUN holsters and grips:


The grip of your gun is one of its most important parts, giving you control and accuracy as you shoot.  A comfortable, well-fitting grip can make the difference between and enjoyable sporting experience and an annoying one, and it can also affect the way you use and handle your weapon. 

These are pictures of some of the inlay work we have done for customers~ they are hand-carved one inlay at a time. 

-each inlay is priced according to it's intricacies with a minimum of 100.00 per side, we use naturally shed antler, abalone, mother of pearl, silver, gold, brass, and exotic hardwoods - please send your sketch or photo, and call for specific pricing.

Scorpion, sterling silver, design by Walt Marston

Scorpion, sterling silver, design by Walt Marston