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Photograph displays thumb snap retainer, teardrop
holster band, decorative stitching, tapered belt,
includes one double straight or slanted mag-pouch
385.00 as shown               
The 1903 Wild Bunch
Marston Gunleather           
106 Wilson Road              
Erwin, TN 37650  U.S.A.
phone: 423-743-3580
The Wilderness Ranger
The designing of this rig was accomplished with the thoughtful collaboration of a number of on-
the-job federal law enforcement agents. This rig is shown with a slanted double mag-pouch,
Tanto knife sheath, quick-release handcuff pouch, Ranger-style belt, with four belt keepers, and
holster designed for a Glock '21.  The holster can be made for whatever weapon you carry.  As
shown, 495.  May be purchased without the handcuff pouch and knife sheeth for
   The Alabama Deputy
This rig was specifically designed & made for an
Alabama Sheriff's Deputy and has been worn by
both Federal and Local law enforcement agencies.
Additionally, this has been the rig of choice for
SASS-Wild Bunch and other 1911 competitive
The Pike Bishop
The Pike Bishop - everything you would need for
competition is built into this rig, and SASS legal. 8
shotgun loops of your caliber choice, two double
detachable straight mag pouches,decorative stitching
in the back, holster flap extended on the bottom, to
allow for a leg strap and buckle- can be ordered with
extra mag pouches for 65.00 ea. Price 385.00 Can be
ordered in Saddle Tan, Chestnut, or Black. Is
available with boarder tooling for an extra 80.00