As seen in the popular 1960's series Wanted, Dead or Alive, this rig
is in every detail accurate to the rig worn by Josh Randall (Steve
McQueen) the relentless bounty hunter.  The artist spent many
hours researching the rig, the only modification made was a 2 1/2"
belt vs. a 3" belt.   The holster itself is made with 2 layers of
leather for strength and durability.  
Price as shown 345.00 with tooling 395.00
Marston Gunleather   
Walt Marston                       
106 Wilson Road               
Erwin, TN 37650
**We will not be responsible if the measurement you provide us is incorrect.  
Each gunbelt is custom made and it will be exactly the size you give to the center hole.
Introducing the Gentleman Bounty Hunter
Beautiful full boot Mare's leg holster, designed to carry with full comfort and ease of draw -
comes with 24 bullet loops in back and two in front of holster - can be made for left or right
hand. Offered with or without tooling(center photo below is an example of tooling you can
have).  Price is 525.00 or  585.00 with tooling.
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