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Erwin, TN 37650
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Below are examples of inlays that have been put in                  
Buffalo horn
Examples, left and right
Buffalo horn without
Examples, left and right
Buffalo horn double
action revolver no inlay.
Pricing: Buffalo horn
Semi Auto - Buffalo horn / no inlay -125.00 // with inlay -225.00
Single Action  Revolvers / no inlay - 175.00 // with inlay - 275.00
Double Action Revolvers / no inlay - 235.00 // with inlay - 335.00
Below are examples of inlays that have been put in
Elk horn
Pricing: Elk horn grips  Shipping on all Grips 10.00
Semi Auto - Elk horn / no inlay 125.00 // with inlay 225.00
Single Action Revolvers /no inlay 225.00 // with inlay 325.00
Double Action Revolvers / no inlay 285.00 // with inlay 385.00
**custom inlays of unusual type or size may be priced at the discretion of the artist.
Shipping on all grips 10.00