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Marston Gunleather                       
Walt Marston                             
106 Wilson Road, Erwin, TN 37650
phone: 423 743 3580                         
email: Walt@marstongunleather.com
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Hello friends!
for your business and kind words of support through the
years, we
thank you! ~ we are committed to strive for
new ideas and excellence in our workmanship.

People have asked if I have always done this kind of
work; the answer would be 'no' I actually started out as
a guitar maker and branched off to rocking carousel
animals when we started a family-additionally I got into
custom furniture design and antique restoration!

Years ago those old cowboy movies got to me and I
finally realized what I wanted to do. Guitar making taught
me how to cut, carve, and inlay, and we have utilized
those skills in our gun grips. And I simply love designing
and building holsters.

Here on our home page you will see some examples of
what we offer throughout our website.
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